Reservation Desk customizes the hotel booking process by providing useful information at just the right moment helping you make informed choices for you or your family. We specialize in providing travelers access to the lowest prices and hotel choices that fit their needs best. Plus, we're ready to help 24/7 by phone or email.

Everything Starts as an Idea

In June 2011, our small team launched Reservation Desk. In just four short years, we reached 1 million reservations. With more than 150% growth year over year, we are one of the fastest growing travel sites in the industry. ReservationDesk is part of TravelPass Group, a growing travel company that is building a marketplace for wholesalers and the world's largest travel agencies.

We Were Customers First

At ReservationDesk.com much of our success can be attributed to learning from our experiences. The travel industry has its flaws and we know the pain points. We understand and are trying to solve frustrations that can come when searching for hotel deals and making reservations.

Try Our Challenge

Use our service and if we don't have an available room to your hotel, no one will.

Our logic is simple: uncover all the hotel options customers are looking for at the best prices. From the beginning, we have worked with the world's largest brands and inventory sources in travel to help people get the best deals on exclusive travel destinations. Partnerships and inventory agreements with wholesalers and the world's largest travel agencies providers have helped us do that.

Our partnerships bring more images, descriptions, and options to help future customers make the best decision possible. The overall travel experience is significantly different, even when compared to a few years ago. We're excited about how we can help our customers quickly search, find, and reserve their travel options online, on their device or over the phone.

We hope you will join us.