Are you still needing to book that friends getaway?

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Not Convinced Yet?


If you are reading this post, there is a chance I didn’t quite convince you to take some girl time and get out of town. So sit back, time for Ladies Only, Part Two.

This is the part where the trained writer in me wants to give you a long list of scientific evidence on why it is important to spend time with your girlfriends. After all, we should not waste the money some social scientist spent on studying the mind of woman and what happens when she is able to take a break and breathe. I know, hard to believe someone made money to study this crazy phenomenon. They really should have called me. I could have saved some academic office a lot of money.


My grandmother gave me some sage advice once. In her unapologetic Mississippi accent she told me, “It is okay to take a break now and then. You have to in order to be a better you.”

It is a thought I have dwelled on, especially when I am having a way too long conversation with my teenage daughter on why she doesn’t need to spend 20 minutes trying to make the perfect cat eye just to go to school. And those words have crossed my mind as I try to find, for the upteenth time, where on earth my husband has put my double boiler. (Don’t get in the way of a woman who has strawberries close to expiring and two bags of dark chocolate chips needing to be melted.)


The reality is this: The bond between friends runs deep. Especially when it is with friends who you can go months without seeing, but the moment you are together you pick up like nothing ever happened. Friends like that are priceless. They remind you of wonderful times. The let you know you have a purpose. And they absolutely give you the strength to get through another year parent-teacher conferences, sick kids (include your husband here) and sleep-deprived days.

Here are a few more ideas for your girls-only getaway:

Beaches, Beaches and More Beaches

The ocean and sand are Mother Nature’s gift for relaxation. After spending the winter months cooped up inside, just the thought of listening to the surf while basking in the sun makes me want to grab my beach towel and sunscreen and go. Beach resorts and hotels really hit their peak reservation time in the summer, so spring-time getaways are easier on the pocketbook. We really are fortunate in the United States to have beaches up and down the east and west coast, as well as along the Gulf of Mexico.

If the thought of putting on a bathing suit after winter is making you cringe, then plan a sandy adventure where bathing suits are not required. Think about all the beautiful lighthouses you can explore while staying at local bed and breakfast spots in cities like Cape Elizabeth, Maine, St. Florence, Oregon or Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Plan to do some animal watching at beaches with sanctuaries like Big Sur, California or Key Largo, Florida.

Remember, the beach is not just for playing in the water. There are so many different types of trips you can plan where the sound of waves crashing on the beach is the only background noise you need.

Did You Say Wine?

I probably should have started with wine. Perhaps it wouldn’t have taken much to persuade you to finally take that trip with your best friends if we mentioned first that vineyards make for a blissful getaway. It is amazing to see all the vacation ideas you can create at the many vineyards you can find around the U.S. Tour the vineyards, have a wine tasting and indulge at world-class restaurants in some of the most beautiful places in America.

When most people think of vineyards in America, they tend to think California. The Golden State alone will provide enough places for you to forget about all the troubles back home. What is surprising are the number of vineyards NOT in California. They are all over the United States. Did you know there are wine vacations in cities like Charlottesville, Virginia, Portland, Oregon and Augusta, Missouri?

I know, I am just as shocked as you are! So what are you waiting for? Get the wine trip planned! You just might find a new bottle to call your favorite.

My fellow women, don’t put off rest and relaxation. Life is absolutely too short. Take the time to be with your besties and enjoy being in the moment with them. I promise you will not regret it. Safe travels!

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