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Best Time to Book Holiday Travels? Now.

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The Holidays tend to be a time when people like to be with their families. For many people this means flying home or, if you are lucky, flying to some vacation destination together. Either way this means a lot of people are traveling.

The holidays are still pretty far off, but it is time to start thinking about buying plane tickets. The month of October, especially near the beginning, is the best time to book your plans for the holiday. Airlines and Online Travel Agencies have determined that the “sweet spot” for the lowest price on plane tickets is 57 days before departure. Between 50 and 100 days before departure, flights are $85 less, on average.

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In case you were wondering, this year 57 days before Thanksgiving is September 30, and before Christmas is October 29. That means we are a little late for Thanksgiving but it isn’t too late to get the cheapest tickets for Christmas.

If you are buying airline tickets try one of’s sister sites You may need to book a hotel too, and if that is the case, use We have cheap prices on hotels throughout the nation.

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