Easy, healthy and delicious road trip snacks the whole family can enjoy

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Gearing up for a spring road trip? Here are a few snacks that will keep wallets, diets and kids all happy. Plus, they won’t make a mess in the car. Bonus—they don’t take much time to prepare, so travelers can focus on getting ready to explore.


Trail Mix



Sure, gas stations have trail mix, but making the mix at home assures that the whole family can include their favorites. Try a mix of nuts, dried cranberries and some dark chocolate. The kids will appreciate the dried cranberries’ sweetness and parents will appreciate the fact that dark chocolate has antioxidants and the protein in the nuts will keep everyone satisfied and happy.


Dried fruit


Dried fruit is a great snack to pick up in a rush. Try dried apples, banana chips and dried cherries for the perfect combination of sweet and tart. Make sure to find the dried fruit with no added sugar, though—the fruit has enough sugar on its own.

Feeling ambitious? Make dried fruit at home! Slice the fruit evenly, soak it in water for about ten minutes, dry the fruit, and then put it in the oven at a low temperature. It takes a while for the fruit to try, but this allows time to work on packing and planning. Here’s a guide for drying all sorts of fruit.


Veggies with dip


It can be difficult to convince kids to eat their veggies, but they might be just bored enough in the car to give veggies a try. Cut up some yellow peppers, broccoli, tomatoes and cauliflower and bring some of the kids’ favorite dressing.

Try making eating veggies a car game—have the kids eat whatever veggie matches a car that passes the car. Yellow for the peppers, green for the broccoli, etc.





Popcorn is great because it keeps all day, is extra easy to make, and the homemade version is extra healthy. Use a microwave or go the old fashioned route and use the stove to make popcorn. Eat it plain, or add seasoning to it. Try parmesan cheese for a savory popcorn, or coconut shavings for a sweet treat.


Nut butter with fruits or crackers


Almost everyone loves nut butters, and nut butters love us back with their protein and low sugar. For a road trip friendly option, try Justin’s peanut butter, which comes in individual packs that offer the perfect amount.

Add the peanut butter to pre-sliced apples or crackers, or eat it on its own!


Granola Bars



There are all sorts of granola bars out there, but homemade granola bars are healthier and it’s easier to cater to kids’ individual tastes. Plus, granola bars are easy to make and keep for days.

Prep time for granola bars usually only takes about half an hour, with some additional time in the oven or the refrigerator. Try these no-bake peanut butter granola bars. The recipe calls for pretzels and M&Ms, but just about anything can go in this no-fuss recipe.

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