Ladies only: Creating the perfect getaway for best friends

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Ladies, time for a serious chat. Put down your phones, hop of Instagram and let’s talk about what we are doing to take care of ourselves. I know, you have a lot on your plate. If you are anything like me, you have so many commitments which keep your day planner filled from the moment you wake up to that blissful second you get to rest your head on your pillow at night. We work, run a household and take care of family. I know I spend most of my time in my car running my teenager to school, lacrosse practice, debate tournaments, church youth events and doctor appointments. And when I am not being her personal chauffeur, I am meeting deadlines for work, trying to eat something that didn’t come from a drive thru and keep the house from falling apart.

We are busy! We fill our days and nights with so much busyness and forget to take care of ourselves. When you get to the point where sneaking in an extra five minutes in the shower is what you consider “me” time, you know exactly why we need to chat.


So hop on your email, round up the girls and get planning. It is time for a girls’ trip! I am here to preach that even at 41, I still need girl time with the ladies who understand me better than I know myself. What makes this a brilliant idea is that these are the friends who have seen you at your worst, so why not spend a few days with them getting back to your best.

Whether it is a quick weekend getaway or a week-long adventure, you can plan an ideal trip in which memories are made and souls are rejuvenated. Some trips might only require a car ride to a mountain hideaway, while others take a little more planning to travel farther distances. Regardless of the time you have available and the resources at hand, each of these ideas are meant to get you thinking and hopefully get you out of town.

Take Me to the Mountains

One of the easiest trips to plan, especially if you are fortunate to live in driving distance, is a trip to mountains. I am lucky to live less than an hour drive to Park City, Utah. I discovered it was a perfect destination for my friends when we were looking to go where the crowds would not be. With spring approaching, these popular winter resort towns become quiet retreats as most of the skiers and snowboarders have disappeared. With little snow, the lodges become the ideal place for my friends and I to spend a weekend being pampered during the day, while our evenings are filled with doing the things we love but never have the time to do. The opportunities are endless. We discovered we could do scrapbook parties where we never had to clean up our mess, leave the tables set up and laugh as we tell each other the stories of the photos we are scrapbooking. We spent another weekend doing a restaurant hop through all the chic places we had heard about during the Sundance Festival.


These mountain hideaways can be found all over the country. They are winter gems which make for spring heaven. You might be surprised how many of there are across the United States. The Rocky Mountains in the west give you beautiful spots like Breckenridge, Colorado, Ruidoso, New Mexico and Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The east coast has their wonders, too, like Lake Placid, New York, Bartlett, New Hampshire and Mount Jackson, Virginia. The southern states have some beautiful spots like Asheville, North Carolina, Walland, Tennessee and Lookout Mountain, Georgia.

No matter where you are in the United States, there are plenty of mountain destinations ready to host a girls’ only adventure.

Viva Las Vegas

It is the city which never sleeps, and that makes Las Vegas the ideal place for fun and entertainment. The beauty of this tourist destination is that it isn’t just for gamblers. The number of restaurants run by world-famous chefs make for gastronomy heaven. More and more celebrities are doing long-term residencies in Las Vegas, so the shows alone will keep you busy! Any season is Vegas season, but a springtime adventure will be perfect because you wouldn’t be dealing with peak-time travel. With so many hotels to choose from, you can create the ideal vacation package where sleep just isn’t required.
The bottom line is this: You are allowed to have some “me” time. And some of the best moments you can have are with the women you love to be around. So what is stopping you from packing an overnight bag and getting out of town? Call your neighbor to take care of the cat, use some of your vacation days at work and tell your family you will be unreachable for a few days. Rediscover why these ladies are your best friends as you visit some of America’s beautiful destinations.



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