The Kentucky Derby: It’s More than a Race

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The crowning jewel of thoroughbred racing and a time-honored American tradition is the Kentucky Derby. The famous race at the historic Churchill Downs has become more than a simple horse race. It is a party like no other!


On May 6, 2017, many will pause to watch the fastest two minutes in sports. While what happens on the track will be what the annals of history record, it will be the traditions which stay in our memories.


The Kentucky Derby truly is more than a race. In fact, the race is just a small part of the festivities. It is all that happens in the lead up which makes the event memorable. Some of the most recognizable components of race day have nothing to do with the actual horses. We expect to see women in big hats, attendees sipping mint julep drinks and everyone joining in singing “My Old Kentucky Home.”


The hats alone are an attraction. There are very few venues in the United States where you will see such an array of head fashion. The dresses women wear are gorgeous, but viewers eyes never quite make it past the neck as some of those head pieces are true works of art.


And if you are thinking it is only the women who get to dress up, think again. Men are known for their linen suits, bowler hats and bowties. If feels like you have stepped back in time to the 1920s.


If attending the race in person is on your bucket list, there is still time to make plans. ReservationDesk makes it simple for you to find hotels in the Louisville, Kentucky area. ReservationDesk specializes in hotel accommodations for last-minute travel, as well as having access to rooms during typical sold-out time slots. Take a few vacation days off of work and escape to the beautiful Bluegrass state for this once-in-a-lifetime experience!


If attending the race this year is just not feasible, there are still ways you can find a way to be a part of festivities. Due to the popularity of the race, many people across the United States hold watch parties. From small friend gatherings to large-scale galas to New York City charity events, people unable to trek to Louisville are bringing Kentucky closer to home. Most major cities across the United States have some form of a watch party and many will follow the Kentucky Derby traditions down to the number of mint leaves you add to a mint julep. You might not be able to replace the ambience of Churchill Downs, but with the right menu, dress code and decorations, you can come close.
As the race draws near, start thinking about how you might want to be a part of this historical day in both sports and culture. Head out to Louisville, find a local party or have a small soiree for your family at home. Regardless of where you celebrate, don’t forget the most important item: Mint juleps! You can use the authentic Mint Julep recipe found at the race or try a great a non-alcoholic version.

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