The Most American Cities in America

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This Fourth of July, Americans celebrate our nation’s independence and what makes America the country that it is. From barbeques to fireworks, the whole country celebrates, but here are a few places that go above and beyond in patriotism and what it means to be American.


Bozeman, Montana


Part of America’s history is the exploration of the West, and Montana still has some of the same wilderness that has been there for ages. Lewis and Clark traveled through what’s now Bozeman just a few weeks after the 4th of July, so it’s a fitting spot to celebrate America’s history. Enjoy amazing hiking, rafting and more just outside of Bozeman. The best part? Few places are as cool in July as Bozeman.

After a day of adventuring like Lewis and Clark, relax in The Lindley House. It’s a quaint bed and breakfast with a typical Western charm.


New York City, New York



Though it might be quite the contrast from Montana, the hustle and bustle of New York City brings a certain excitement that is distinctly American. Visit symbols of America, like the Statue of Liberty, or feats of American industry like the Empire State Building. New York City is a place of power, history and a cultural hub to the world, and that’s all that the founding fathers might have hoped for.

We recommend staying at the W New York. It’s as distinctly modern as New York City itself, and offers an incredible view of the city.


Nashville, Tennessee


Nashville might be famous for its music, but according to a study by WalletHub, its demographics are most similar to the United States as a whole. So the average Nashville resident most closely resembles the average American.

Beyond demographics, what’s more American than rock and roll, great food and rich history? Nashville has it all. We recommend staying at the Union Station Hotel Nashville. It’s a hotel converted from a train station, with years of history within the beautifully decorated rooms.


Washington DC



This one is a given. The capital of the United States has monuments documenting our nation’s history, and government offices that help guide our nation’s future. It’s also a city full of diversity, with all sorts of different cultures and activities. After a day visiting the world-renowned museums, try authentic food from anywhere in the world– it’s a testament to our melting pot of cultures.

We recommend staying at The Mayflower Hotel. It’s close to attractions like the White House and George Mason University, plus the name of the hotel is American in itself.


Hollywood, Los Angeles, California




Many people outside of the United States associate the country with Hollywood, and for good reason. Americans create incredible movies every year that people all across the world enjoy. Visit the Hollywood sign, the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and more, to see just how much American cinema has impacted the world.

Los Angeles is also home to amazing beaches, famous food and even more sights outside of Hollywood. We recommend staying at the Hollywood Roosevelt. It’s part of movie history—it was the venue for the first Academy Awards, and it is within walking distance of the Walk of Fame.

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